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Why I do what I do......

While the three career roles I play as photographer, speaker, and coach may seem diverse, they actually have one thing in common. It is the essence of being a witness. The sparkle coming alive in a child’s eyes, a small business owner making a shift in their way of thinking or an entire audience being inspired. I am motivated by the role I play in bringing that response forward and grateful for being a part of someone else’s aliveness.

The little story below explains why I became a photographer and how understanding this enables me to serve as a photographer for an exclusive clientele and a coach for creative entrepreneurs.

As the youngest of three boys, there is almost no record of my childhood whatsoever. So far I have found just one photo of myself as a baby(the one to the left). Most of my photography career I was not aware of the impact this had on me. Until one day when being pushed by a coach to explain why I work so hard, I blurted out that maybe I was out to make sure this didn’t happen to all the other third children of the world.

It was then I realized how vitally important this is to me and more importantly, to the families I photograph. My clients are incredibly involved parents, have the means to provide exceptional care for their family and would be appalled to have not been equally responsible to each of their children. Because of the lack of documentation of my childhood, my clients and I share the same objective to create life long memories and a high value for posterity, consistency and quality. 

Knowing the importance of being clear as to why you serve and who you can serve is the basis for my coaching and speaking services. With more than 30 years as a successful photographer and extensive professional training as a coach and leader, I support creative entrepreneurs to align their purpose with their ideal clients, train them on best practices, and empower them to work to their greatest potential so that they have prosperous businesses.

I believe our world is a better place because of creative people. It is only by having thriving businesses that creatives can be fully expressive, serve their communities best and continue to provide their inherent gifts.