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Preparing for a Session

First and foremost, don’t stress! The entire session experience is intended to be a fun and meaningful experience. Most sessions are about 1 1/2 hours but I am quite capable of getting plenty to choose from in shorter time when needed. On the other hand I leave plenty of time so the session is never rushed.

Let’s keep it simple and of course, lean on me for whatever support you need.


Be sure to check out my Clothing Guide on the next page. On your mobile device, click HERE and the clothing guide will download to your mobile device for convenient use while you're shopping.

Matching everyone works well, such as khaki’s and white shirts, but so does a nicely coordinated combination. You want the portraits to ‘look’ like your family so choose something that is natural. Choose a single tone that is in season. For example, light and pastel tones for summer, darker and warmer tones for fall. You don’t want one person jumping out because they are significantly lighter or darker than everyone else. Patterns are fine for smaller children but overall you want it to be pretty simple with solids. Keep in mind also that we are mostly interested in the expressions so keep pants, skirts and slacks more neutral. The tops are more important.

Odds and ends:

  • Bare feet are adorable on children!
  • In most cases, men look better in long pants
  • I don’t rule out sleeveless tops for women, but do offer caution as many women are not pleased with the way their arms looks in the portraits (not every pose is the ‘skinny arm pose’ with hands on hips:)
  • Be aware of how short a summer skirt may become when seated

Hair and Make-up

Simple is best with the make-up. Keep mascara and eye liner light. We don’t want the mascara casting a shadow in the eyes which can happen when the light is overhead outdoors. A matte finish on the skin and lips is better than gloss. Don’t worry about ANY skin imperfections as they can be completely removed in retouching. Lastly, it’s best to wait a couple of days after a fresh haircut.

Final Tips

  • Bring along snacks and drinks for children
  • Be sure to have any medical needs such as Epipens, etc
  • Have a brush or comb available
  • Don’t instruct children on how to smile! I want to meet them as they are and create a genuine expression. I assure you, they will be great!